• zaawansowany wideorejestrator samochodowy klasy High-End
  • rozdzielczość Full HD
  • matryca Sony Exmor
  • wydajny procesor Ambarella
  • ekran dotykowy 2,8″ IPS
  • jasny obiektyw z filtrem przeciwodblaskowym CPL
  • moduł WiFi + aplikacja dla Android i iOS
  • moduł GPS z aktualizowaną bazą fotoradarów i kamer drogowych w 45 krajach
  • ostrzeżenia i komunikaty głosowe
  • Radar Ready – możliwa rozbudowa o wykrywacz radarów i laserów (antyradar)
  • profesjonalny tryb parkingowy
  • czujnik wstrząsu i ruchu
  • tryb nocny
  • zatrzaskowy uchwyt z zasilaniem


Neoline X-COP R700 – the new generation of DVR with GPS base of police radars and cameras. Touch-screen display, manage from smartphone with WiFi connection, perfect video quality, full assembly, the ability to connect a radar unit distinguishes this DVR from all DVRs on the market.


produkt archiwalny – niedostępny

  • Ambarella CPU
  • SONY sensor
  • 135° visibility, 6 glass lenses
  • Full HD 1920х1080 extension (30 fps)
  • Realist and clear video with high day and night specification
  • Smart mode of glints and sun rays’ suppression
  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS modules and GPS base of police radars and cams in 45 countries (RF, EU, Baltics, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia etc.)
  • Touch-screen 2,8’ IPS display
  • Built-in WiFi module
  • Smart processing of „Trip track” system cam
  • Quick menu of global settings and functions at home screen
  • Intuitive operation with touch-screen
  • DVR control with smartphone
  • Video clips preview/locking/rwd/storage on the device and smartphone
  • Neoline Easy Touch Plus Sensor Interface
  • Parking mode
  • Dangerous and zone addition
  • Dangerous zone radius adjustment
  • GPS POI turn on/off
  • Voice guide about 45 fixed radars
  • Legal overspeed
  • Max speed
  • Automute
  • Speedometer screen saver
  • G-sensor, motion sensor
  • Memory card slot: Micro SD / to 128 GB, class 10 UHS-I/U3
  • Loop recording
  • Demo mode
  • Update of Software and GPS database with the help of mobile app and Micro SD card
  • Voltage input DC 12-24 V
  • Battery: 220 mA h
  • Operating temperature from -10° to +60°
  • Neoline X-COP R700
  • Micro SD 32GB 10 Class
  • The holder with active charger on 3M Smart Click Plus Scotch tape
  • Antiglare shield (CPL) 37 mm
  • The power cord to 12V socket (DC 12-24 V)
  • SD card adapter
  • The fastener for power cord (8 pcs)
  • Cable joint element (3 pcs)
  • Storage case
  • Manual
  • Warranty certificate 


The Neoline X-COP R700 Hybrid has the most powerful Ambarella processor as of today, and a high-tech sensor from Sony. The viewing angle of 135 degrees and the optical system of 6 glass lenses create perfect shooting quality, also at night. 32 Gb memory card allows a nonstop recording in full-HD during 5 hours


After installation of X-COP for Android or iOS you can completely control a Neoline X-COP R700 hybrid:
– software and GPS base update via internet 
– view of online videos
– view of stored videos
– download of videos to a smartphone
– change of video and detecting settings
– finding a car parking place


Device has a Night recording mode which switches on depending on time settings in menu and allows to show much more details on a video especially in unlit road segments and roadsides.


Anti-glare filter is mounted on a Neoline X-COP R700 lens. It is designed to decrease sun glints on a video. Glints are also very often re-reflected to the windscreen from car cladding elements. Besides that, anti-glare filter considerably improves image contrast.


Hybrid includes an improved version of EASY TOUCH PLUS interface. Display shows not only information about the police radar head but also brief information about next police radar or GPS point. With the help of fast settings, it is easy to adjust all necessary function of a hybrid and set sensitivity modes: City, Road, Turbo, X-COP.


Neoline X-COP R700 is fastened to windshield using 3M holder with active charging. The installation of the holder is combined with the power circuit. One action is enough to start the device.


The DVR is equipped with GPS and GLONASS for the fastest search of satellites and the base of police radars and cameras of 45 countries (EU, Baltics, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia etc.). GPS base is constantly updated with new POI. All updates are possible in


The distinctive feature of Neoline X-COP R700 is smart processing of „Trip track” cameras that happens as follows:
– Voice notification and depiction of distance to the 1stcamera on display.
– After passing the 1st camera distance to the 2nd camera will be depicted.
– Information on display about current average speed will intersperse with distance to the 2nd „Trip track” camera.
– If current average speed exceeds the allowed one you will receive acoustic notification.
– After passing the 2nd camera you will receive notification on end of video control.
– At the exit from the road segment between two cameras Х-СОР R700 will reset the notification about «Trip track».
– If you stop between two cameras average speed will still be depicted on display.
– If between two cameras there is a mobile ambush with police radar Х-СОР R700 will properly inform about the ambush and after the passage will switch to a notification about «Trip track».


Neoline X-COP R700 hybrid notifies about all traffic rules control cameras and promptly warns about such control types as:
– Control of the public transport lane.
– Photo-fixation of a car movement „in the back”.
– Roadside control.
– Traffic lights and intersection control.
– Pedestrian crossing control.


Hybrid is equipped with 2.8-inch display with IPS sensor. Information on display is clearly seen in any weather conditions and almost in any view angle:
– schematic image of a police radar type,
– allowed speed for the road segment,
– type of an incoming signal,
– signal strength,
– current car speed,
– average car speed,
– distance to GPS point,
– current time,
– false and dangerous zones.


Neoline X-COP R700 will notify about a police radar type, allowed speed for the road segment, provide information about distance to a radar and average speed (in case of detection of «Trip track»). Database includes 45 different radar types such as Strelka, Robot, Kordon, Kris, Krechet, „Trip track” and so on. Every new radar is promptly added to the database and is available in new updates.


Neoline X-COP R700 constantly monitors the position of the car relative to road marking. If the car unintentionally moves from the current lane, an acoustic warning is triggered and information is displayed. You can set a speed limit in settings, in which this system will not work to avoid overloading the driver with unnecessary sounds.


Settings flexibility allows to switch on and off specific GPS points like traffic control posts, „Trip track” system cameras, standard Strelka radars, dummy radar complexes and so on.


You can add dangerous zone to your GPs base which includes location of police radars (if they are not stored in current database), busy intersection, speed bumps, etc. The next time in this place a hybrid will promptly notify you with an alert signal. Radius of a dangerous zone can be set in a device menu. Zones are stored in a device memory and are not deleted during firmware replacing or installation of a new GPS base.


Neoline X-COP R700 can be connected wireless to the radar unit (Neoline X-COP Radar) under the car’s hood. Neoline X-COP Radar is supplied separately. Connecting the DVR to the radar unit will help to detect all fixed and mobile police radars.

Maximum Speed

This perfect function helps not to exceed speed limit you set. You set the speed and when you exceed it, you get the audio warning on overspeeding. This function isn’t connected with GPS base and works without any police radar detection.

GPS Alert Message Distance

Alert Message Distance to police radars in GPS base may be set due to your preferences:
1) According to the database value – the manufacturer assigns a due value in meters to each cam in GPS base responsible for the alert.
2) According to this value set in the settings each cam in GPS base will be assigned an optional value: 300 m – 900 m.
Per a motor car current velocity – the more your velocity is, the more distance you’re aware about police radar.

Demo Mode

For the user’s convenience, the DEMO mode will show the Hybrid work (sound & voice guide, the display indication). The hybrid moves out of DEMO mode after the whole guide & indication cycle is completed.

WIFI Firmware & GPS Base Upgrade

While issuing new firmware and GPS bases, it is necessary to upgrade it with the help of «Х-СОР» app or Micro SD card. Actual firmware and GPS base help you not to skip the police radars and cams set not long ago. 
Follow the official firmware upgrades at

Enhanced package contents

Neoline X-COP R700 owns the newest techs and software, but its assembly is high line also and may satisfy any user:
1) Neoline X-COP R700 hybrid and radar unit under the motor hood.
2) Micro SD 32GB 10 Class card and the memory card adapter.
3) The holder with active charger on 3M Smart Click Plus Scotch tape.
4) Antiglare shield (CPL) 37 mm.
5) Storage case.
6) The power code to the cigar lighter.
7) Any cable fastenings & fasteners